GameOn Interview – Cosplayer Vanessa Wedge – Calgary Expo Special

Bring on the Cosplayers!

Today, GameOn Host Jeff Johnson revisits with cosplayer Vanessa Wedge at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo!

Vanessa has been featured on GameOn in the past. Today, we talk about Vanessa’s experiences at the Calgary Expo and get a chance to show off her wicked Chun-Li costume from Street Fighter!

Check out the interview with Vanessa today!

To learn more about Vanessa Wedge and to check out some of her awesome cosplay photos, check out the links below…

The Calgary Expo continues to grow every single year and this year was no exception. With over 96,000 people in attendance, there was plenty of things to see and celebrities to talk to.

GameOnGNT will be taking you through our adventures over the Calgary Expo weekend, including interviews, random adventures and plenty of cosplayers thrown into the spotlight!

To learn more about the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, check out

This year’s Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo ran from April 24th – 27th and you can expect plenty of post-Expo coverage to air on GameOnGNT for the weeks to come!

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for all of the latest GameOn content!

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