Challenge of the Week – Make a New Recipe!

The GameOn Challenge of the Week has wrapped up for another week!

In our last Challenge of the Week, we were challenged to make a recipe that we haven’t made before and to share it with the group.

Four recipes were crafted and GameOn Host Jeff Johnson gets his taste testing on trying some new recipes.

Also, watch GameOn’s Blaze Dobson try to pass off an unconventional option as his recipe of the week. It doesn’t work.

Be sure to join in our next challenge…


Each member of the GameOn team has to get back in touch with someone they haven’t seen in a while. Break out of your comfort zone and reconnect with someone from your past!

This is a great challenge for everyone involved and for the audience at home. Take some time and reconnect with an old friend or a family member you haven’t seen in a while. It may be well worth your time!

Send us an e-mail to and tell us how you did with this week’s challenge!

Next episode, we’ll be talking all about this Challenge of the Week, so get your GameOn!


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