The Anime Wishlist – Eight Anime series I need to pick up!

Nothing lasts forever… This is especially true when it comes to Netflix’s selection of shows, specifically anime!

Over the years that I have been a subscriber to Netflix, I have been exposed to a number of different anime series that I could easily see myself watching again. These shows became the subject of my weekend long TV binges and were too good to stop watching. Much like your average cinema-phile would power through every episode of Orange is the New Black (Now into its second season!) and House of Cards, I would sit down and make my way through Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple or Attack on Titan (Which I wish would get into its second season already!)

But as new Anime series make their way onto Netflix, room is cleared for them by getting rid of older shows, which means if I ever want to revisit them, I now need to go buy them myself! WHY NETFLIX WHY!?

So without further adieu, here is a list of about eight anime series that I now need to pick up, thanks to Netflix either removing them from their selection or not having them in their selection in the first place.




I was surprised by how much I got into this show. The idea of an army of blonde women merged with demons fighting to kill the world’s population of full demons sounds like your standard RPG, but it was the unique elements included in this show that kept my attention.

For instance, if the half demon, half women soldiers (the series titular Claymore) push themselves too hard while fighting against yoma, they turn into a much more powerful monsters known as Awakened Beings, with each Claymore turning into a form truly unique to their own. These are what kept my attention the most, because you never know which fantasy kitchen sink the show was going to draw from next.

I powered through this entire series in about a week, but with it gone from Netflix, I will need to buy it if I want to give it another runthrough.



I first watched this short anime series through Funimation’s YouTube channel in a single day. However, when I couldn’t find the series for a second go-through, I turned to Netflix and I wasn’t disappointed.

That is, until I wanted to give the series a third runthrough recently and found that it was gone, but not forgotten to me.

Here is a series that draws from Norse mythology while throwing in a mix of SPACE and humanity’s future. Think like The 100, only not going back to a hostile earth, but an entirely new planet altogether. The artwork is rich, the characters got my attention and the disastrous traps the humans find themselves in on this world make for an interesting story to tell, especially with the twist ending!

Trinity Blood

Trinity Blood

This series I can’t tell you if I like it or not, as I only got about three episodes into it before I realized it had been removed from Netflix, but all of the elements that usually catch me are all there.

Vampires? Check. Cyborgs? Check. Shady religious organizations? Check.

What the hell is this show, a Hellsing rip-off? Quite possibly, but the only way I’m going to find out now is if I go and buy the series for myself. Thanks Netflix!

blue gender

Blue Gender

I don’t know if Blue Gender was ever on Netflix or not. Truth be told, if it wasn’t, it damn well should be!

Blue Gender is basically the Starship Troopers of Anime, except this series is actually good. Giant bugs have infested the earth and driven humanity to near extinction in the overdeveloped portions of the world. We follow the story of Yuji, who had been put into a state of suspended animation due to an untreatable disease that he had contracted prior to the beginning of the series.

Great show. Excellent show. I have sat down and watched it three times through my brother’s anime collection and would love to have it in my own collection.

Devil May Cry Anime

Devil May Cry

Now, I’ll admit it… Devil May Cry is definitely not the best anime. Its also not the most faithful rendition to what the games are all about (No Virgil?? Who made that genius decision?), but if you throw aside what you know about the games and just enjoy the show for what it is, its actually pretty decent.

Devil May Cry has some pretty stylized visuals, a great voice actor playing Dante, decent music and some interesting one-off stories with a varied crew of monsters.

I would say its worth watching on a free subscription service, but its not available on Netflix anymore, so your option is buying the series or just avoiding it. Most people would probably avoid it if that’s the choice, but I could see picking it up.

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

Yes, I know this series is on Netflix still.  But from what I’ve seen of it so far, I am really enjoying what is there and don’t know if I would want to lose access to it in the future.

The series begins with the launch of a new and innovative MMORPG that utilizes a VR interface. The game is called Sword Art Online and for its launch event, all of the users are logged in at the same time. Those users then discover that they’ve lost the ability to log out and are now effectively trapped inside the game.

The idea of this story really intrigues me. Take an MMORPG and turn it into a life and death situation. Add in some unique character drama and character development as the series progresses and you’ve got yourself a really good show.


Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Full Metal Alchemist is one of the best anime series that I’ve seen in recent years. Its fun, has some great characters and some very gripping storylines. It should be no surprise that the second series, Brotherhood, would deliver the same wow factor and grip me in the same way.

“But Jeff, this show is still on Netflix. Why are you complaining?” Says the anonymous internet commenter.

Because the entire series of Brotherhood is NOT on Netflix. You only get about 50 episodes of Brotherhood, not the entirety of the show. And not only is not the entirety of the show, but it cuts out at ONE OF THE MOST CRUCIAL POINTS OF THE SERIES.

Imagine being in the middle of a Netflix binge, only to realize you are 13 episodes from the ending and still in need of resolution. What’s a guy to do?

So I pulled out the credit card and bought the rest of the series on XBox Video. Worth every penny.



No, this series is not on Netflix.

But it should be. It damn well should be. If you have never experienced Deathnote, you need to petition Netflix right now for them to bring this show into their line-up right now.

Deathnote brings you Light Yagami, who has the most unique view on justice ever seen from a main character in an anime. So what happens when you grant a character like this with the powers over life and death? And what happens when you put in equally strong minded character who is determined to stop Light’s plans? You get one hell of a journey that can only end in a spectacular fashion.

Seriously Netflix… why don’t you have this show?

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