The RPG Hit List – Seven games on the to do list

For nearly as long as I’ve been playing games, I’ve been trying out RPGs.

But even though I’ve been Role Playing Games for nearly 20 years, there’s still a long list of games that I’ve never played. Be it action-RPGs or dungeon crawlers, there are a number of games that stand out for me.

Below are a list of the seven role playing games that I hope to give a go at some point. You might see them in Onward to Adventure. You might not. The point is, these are games that I definitely want to play and I feel deserve the time of day.

Skyrim: Elder Scrolls 5


No, don’t skip this article already. Just because I haven’t played Skyrim does not mean I am out of date when it comes to RPGs, I just haven’t got around to it.

There is no way I could make a list of RPGs that I need to play without mentioning Skyrim. This game took role playing games to a whole new level. Its insane the level of detail that this game went into with nearly everything, from how in-depth you could go with various aspects of the game’s characters to simply the gorgeous visuals found anywhere and everything.

So why haven’t I got into it yet? Its too damn long with the available time that I’ve had!

Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2


Yes, I know the trilogy of Final Fantasy XIII games are one of the black marks on the Final Fantasy series. I know that this set of games couldn’t possibly measure up to gems like Final Fantasy VI or X, but its still Final Fantasy.

The odd thing about this entry is that I own both of these games, I just haven’t taken the time to play them. I can guarantee you that you will be seeing these games on Onward to Adventure at some point.

Tales of Xillia or Tales of Graces f


This is going to seem like an odd set of games to have on this list, because the only reason they are here is because of another game, Tales of Vesperia.

I enjoyed playing the Tales games on both the PlayStation One and the Gamecube, but it was Tales of Vesperia that became the first game in the series that I had fully beaten.

Seeing as how Tales of Xillia and Tales of Graces f both seem to carry the same system used in Vesperia, it only makes sense for me to give these games a go and hope for that same experience.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls Artwork

Its free on XBox Live right now through Games with Gold and it has the notorious reputation of being one of the hardest role playing games in recent memory.

That alone should be all that’s needed to motivate me to play this game. On one hand, I love a challenge. On another, I’m cheap and I’m not going to turn down a free game!

South Park: The Stick of Truth


I never thought I would say this… A South Park RPG actually looks good!

Over the years, I’ve experienced some really bad South Park games. And I mean that, REALLY BAD. Look at the Nintendo 64 for a clear look at one of the worst South Park games around.

But this isn’t like that. South Park: The Stick of Truth is a well-written game, crafted by Trey Parker and Matt Stone themselves. While I haven’t played it myself, I’ve heard from quite a few people who have played it, telling me it plays extremely well and takes into consideration all that South Park fans may have expected from it.

For that reason alone, this game is worth my attention.

Xenoblade Chronicles

xenoblade chronicles

One of the games that I loved playing in the days of the PlayStation One was Xenogears. It was a unique experience at the time, combining combo style fighting, mech combat and anime visuals with a full RPG storyline. Even though the second half of the game was butchered compared to the beginning, the game overall was still worth my time.

Then came Xenosaga… which f**ked everything up.

Now fast forward many years later and Xenoblade Chronicles came out for the Wii. It looks good, gameplay looks strong and from what I hear, it has a very interesting story. Perhaps Xenoblade Chronicles redeemed the Xeno series of games. I won’t know until I try it for myself.

dot Hack Outbreak and dot Hack Quarantine

dot hack outbreak

I’ve never been a big fan of the dot Hack anime, but I really got into the dot Hack games. Something about the concept of playing a solo player experience of a simulated MMORPG made things interesting. Add to that the unique story being told in these games being carried over through four installments makes for an experience that was far ahead of its time.

I played through dot Hack Infection and dot Hack Mutation, but never got a chance to play the other two games, simply because I couldn’t find them at my local game shops. Its been years since I played the first few chapters of this game and watching Sword Art Online has got me thinking about this series once again. I’d definitely be willing to pick it up again if I found the sequels.



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