E3 2014 – Our look at EA’s Press Conference

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is now underway!

EA is the next company to hit the stage today, regarding the future plans for many of their top franchises or maybe even some surprises that long time fans might not expect.

We will be following the announcement live here on GameOnGNT. Expect to see a Cliff Note’s version of that announcement in this article here today. This article will update as the Microsoft Press Conference continues, so simply click the update button on your web browser to see the latest bits and blurbs about the announcement here on GameOnGNT.

Let’s begin!

The Microsoft Press Conference begins at 12 PM Pacific Time. Check out our updates below or you can watch the announcement live at http://www.twitch.tv/twitch!

12 PM – EA Press Conference Begins… with Star Wars!

12:02 PM – Star Wars Battlefront coming to show more in Spring 2015
12:03 PM – 12 games to be showcased throughout the course of EA’s presentation… How many different sports are there?
12:05 PM – Dragon Age: Inquisition to be the first game featured from Bioware.
12:06 PM – Starts with live music, overtop of game visuals. Is this the same presentation as during the XBox Press conference?
12:07 PM – Aaryn Flynn – Studio General Manager says you can explore more freely than in past Dragon Age games.
12:08 PM – Gameplay video shown! Finally get a chance to see this game’s battle system in action.
12:09 PM – Fighting a high dragon looks so sweet!
12:10 PM – Looking at the tactical camera, you can pause the battle, position members on the field and make it work.
12:10 PM – First look at team of heroes.
12:11 PM – Blackwall – Grey Warden, Sarah – Wildcard who draws strength from the common, The Iron Bull – Qunari mercernary, Vivia – Mage with incredible power. I want the Qunari on my team for sure!
12:12 PM – Taking you to a whole new region in space in the new Mass Effect.
12:13 PM – Team in Edmonton is developing a completely new IP.
12:13 PM – Trying to build a fictional world that is alive and constantly changing.
12:14 PM – No date mentioned for the new Mass Effect or the new IP.
12:14 PM – Here comes the Sims… The Sims 4 controls mind, body and hearts of the Sims. You define your Sims personality.
12:15 PM – The Sims 4 looks interesting at just the variety of locations you can go to and bring your characters.
12:17 PM – You can bring in other peoples Sims into this game. I want an Obama character!
12:18 PM – Apparently you can die laughing. Who let the Joker into this game.
12:18 PM – Sims 4 coming out in September… Guess who won’t be picking up this one? This guy!
12:19 PM – Bruce Lee in UFC?? Thanks for robbing the grave, EA! Also, thanks for showing us this old news again EA.
12:20 PM – Gameplay footage of the UFC game. Looks just like any other UFC game I’ve seen before.
12:22 PM – Available next week? The new UFC game.
12:22 PM – The NHL Franchise is the next sport in the spotlight. Showing screenshots of the game right now.
12:23 PM – NHL 15 first look at actual gameplay in motion.
12:24 PM – Screw you EA. This is not actual gameplay in motion. This is clearly a highlight reel using in-game models.
12:26 PM – Criterion Games showcasing a game very early.
12:27 PM – I want an office pub! The GameOnGNT office would be very pleased.
12:28 PM – We’re seeing a whole bunch of different vehicles, based on action footage through go pros and YouTUbe.
12:28 PM – They’re calling it the biggest games that Criterion has ever made. Let’s hope they can make it work.
12:29 PM – Onward to Tiberon, using Frostbite 3 for a bloody golf game!
12:30 PM – Pushing the boundaries of golf… And cue my snoring.
12:30 PM – Onward to Madden NFL 15… Cue EVEN LOUDER SNORING.
12:31 Pm – More control on defence than ever before, along with 100s of new player reactions.
12:32 PM – Bringing in an award winning cinematographer from NFL films to do camera angles in this game. Remember folks… Football is serious business!
12:32 PM – Coming on August 25th, Madden NFL 15.
12:33 PM – Dawngate, a new MOBA. This game is being improved with a constant dialogue with the game players.
12:34 PM – All of the characters and map are part of a massive epic story arc. MOBAs have stories?
12:37 PM – MIRROR’S EDGE! Faith’s design looks awesome!
12:38 PM – Loving to see the Parkour artists being invited in for Mirror Edge 2’s development.
12:39 PM – Combat in Mirror’s Edge 2 looks really cool.
12:40 PM – Fifa 15. Back to being bored… Yawn…
12:42 PM – I’m hearing a lot of promises being made by Fifa 15 that were made when other sports made their way to next gen. Guess how well that worked out? (Fifa 15)
12:44 PM – Now its time to talk about Battlefield: Hardline! A huge change for Battlefield!
12:46 PM – Much more like a gritty TV crime drama as opposed to your traditional first person shooter.
12:47 Pm – showing off a 32 person heist multiplayer in Hardline. Cops vs Robbers on a grand scale!
12:49 PM – I’ve never been a big fan of the Battlefield series, but the gameplay looks like it’d be a lot of fun here. My question is how do a gang of robbers get their hands on BALLISTIC WEAPONRY!?
12:51 PM – Destructive environments still look pretty awesome! That crane falling was pretty sweet!
12:52 PM – Did he just say Don’t Taze Me Bro?? Lovely…
12:54 PM – Launching a beta of Battlefield Hardline today for PC and PS4. Go and sign up!
12:56 PM – Beta is live now! Go sign up!
Well, that was the EA Press Conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, guys! What did you think? Did Microsoft release anything groundbreaking? What game has got you the most excited?


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