E3 2014 – Our look at Microsoft’s Press Conference

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is now underway!

Microsoft opened up the show with their big press conference this morning, regarding the future plans for the XBox 360 and the XBox One.

We will be following the announcement live here on GameOnGNT. Expect to see  a Cliff Note’s version of that announcement in this article here today. This article will update as the Microsoft Press Conference continues, so simply click the update button on your web browser to see the latest bits and blurbs about the announcement here on GameOnGNT.

Let’s begin!

The Microsoft Press Conference begins at 9:30 AM Pacific Time. Check out our updates below or you can watch the announcement live at http://www.twitch.tv/twitch!

9:30 AM – Microsoft Press Conference begins.

9:32 AM – Sledgehammer Games opens the show with XBox owners being the first to play all the add-on content for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for XBox One.
9:33 AM – Video for Advanced Warfare begins. Graphics look pretty amazing.
9:35 AM – It appears that you can do moves that control how fast you fall from a high jump. Advanced Warfare looks super high tech. Is this a gameplay demo without a HUD?
9:37 AM – Drones look pretty freaky, but using a car door to plug the airborne swarm seems pretty cool (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare)
9:41 AM – Dan Greenawalt, Turn Ten hits the stage. Talking about Forza Motorsport 5. Talking about cars and race tracks and I understand nothing.
9:43 AM – Playground Games Ralph Fulton talks about Forza Horizon 2. Where can I get flashy graphics for my name.
9:44 AM – 1080p ??? Nobody cares! Show me gameplay. Apparently you can build a club for Forza Horizon 2 with up to 1,000 members.
9:45 AM – Coming out September 30th for XBox One. Forza Horizon 2 launch date now known.
9:46 AM – Forza Horizon 2 video starts. Commence techno dance party! Time to start grinding!
9:47 AM – 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios – Evolve – Cinematic trailer for the game shown. Squad based game with multiple classes and you can be the monster.That’s pretty cool!
9:48 AM – Vincent Pontbriand – Ubisoft – Assassin’s Creed V discussed. Biggest playground ever with 100s of quests. You can also form your own brotherhood with up to three friends on XBox Live.
9:49 AM – Gameplay demo of Assassin’s Creed V. You can walk through buildings apparently. Your buddies are playing simultaneously with you.
9:51 AM – Stop showing the guys playing! I don’t care. Camera shots on the guys playing the game take way too long.
9:54 AM – Great gameplay trailer! (Assassin’s Greed Unity
9:55 AM – What was your first game you played? Talking to developers who work with XBox. Why won’t anyone mention Mario?
9:55 AM – Dragon Age Inquisition!!!! Cinematic trailer is looking pretty sweet!! Coming October 7th!
9:57 AM – Another cinematic trailer. No idea what the game is though.
9:58 AM – Oh… Sunset Overdrive. Another cinematic trailer.
9:59 AM – You and your crate are safe now. Great line! Glad to see this game has a sense of humor!
10 AM – Ted Price from Insomniac Games is now out talking about Sunset Overdrive!
10:01 AM – Sweet, we’re actually getting a gameplay demo of this game! It looks like a third person action game. Kind of reminds me of a Saints Row meets Dead Rising.
10:02 AM – You can just bounce around anywhere in this game! Double jumps and fun in a bun!
10:03 AM – Eight player experience outside of the campaign as well. (Sunset Overdrive) – Available October 28th on XBox One.
10:04 AM – Capcom 31st Anniversary announces Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Hyper Edition Remix Alpha. Available Now on XBox Live.
10:05 AM – Harmonix hits the stage! Harmonix still exists?
10:05 AM – Disney Fantasia Music Evolved coming to XBox 360. Dance Central Spotlight, digital only, coming to XBox One, dancing to the hottest hits of the moment each week.
10:06 AM – David Eckelberry hits the stage. Again, where do I get a flashy nameplate.
10:06 AM – Fable Legends is announced. Get ready for the upsell!! Why am I not interested in Fable anymore?
10:09 AM – We want more than just a cooperative Fable. We want you to be the villain. You can control the world from above and place every creature, trap and obstacle in the way. Now that is a unique element, but how will that affect the game’s overall campaign? Will there be a campaign?
10:11 AM – Did he just shoot the boss in the butt? (Fable Legends)
10:12 AM – Multiplayer Beta for Fable Legends begins this fall.
10:12 AM – What game would you like to see mashed together?
10:13 AM – Coming this Winter. Project Spark. Cinematic Trailer.
10:14 AM – Zombie mechs from space, eh?
10:14 AM – Conker!!! He’s going to be included in Project Spark. Why not just make him a new game already??
10:15 AM – Only on XBox One from Moon Studios. Bring on the Indie Games!
10:16 AM – Ori and the Blind Forest. Looks neat, hopefully the platforming holds up!
10:17 AM – What Video game character would you hang out with? This is like Quick Question with Kyle Born level questions.
10:17 AM – Halo 5 video. Is he riding a porcupine?
10:18 AM – The new video showed a snippet of the new Halo playable character
10:19 AM – Bonnie Ross – 343 Studios hits the stage to talk about Halo 5. This game will focus on Master Chief’s journey and future, and introduce a new main character.
10:21 AM – November 11th, you can get Halo: Master Chief Collection. Co-workers want view of presenter, not Halo itself. A female in gaming? I gotta see this!
10:22 AM – Single unified interface all on one disc, all four games with everything unlocked.
10:23 AM – Audience, stop clapping… I’m trying to speak!
10:23 AM – Halo multiplayer gameplay shown. So many vistas popping… What the hell is a vista?
10:24 AM – Congratulations for remaking a 10 year old game with the power of the XBox One.
10:25 AM – Halo Nightfall is in production.
10:26 AM – Halo 5 Guardians Beta is available in December.
10:27 AM – Phil Spencer hits the stage, still talking about Master Chief Collection.
10:28 AM – Sharing a selection of games from the 2015 portfolio
10:28 AM – Coming Early 2015… From Playdead… Inside. Quite the build-up for a depressing platformer. Doesn’t really look fun, just cinematic and depressing.
10:30 AM – Chris Charla, Director at XBox. Talking about the ID @ XBox program.
10:31 AM – I need to know more about this Cuphead. Quite the name!
10:31 AM – Aztez, Knight Squad, Plague Inc Evolved, White Night, Earthlock, Cuphead, Drifter, Lifeless Planet, Slash Dash, Fru, Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time, Mighty No 9, Grave, Threes, Fenix Rage, Woolfe Grin, #IDarb, Hellraid, Below,
10:33 AM – Out of all of those, I loved Cuphead. Go Mickey Mouse style game.
10:33 AM – What is your favorite video game? Just reveal freaking Battletoads already!!
10:34 AM – Very cinematic visuals being shown for a game/show of some kind… Quantum Break?
10:35 AM – TOMB RAIDER… Rise of the Tomb Raider introduced!
10:35 AM – CD Projeck Red, John Mamais presenting gameplay from the Witcher 3. I like these guys… there’s no bullshit. They just got right into the gameplay.
10:37 AM – Witcher gameplay looks really smooth and solid. It looks good… but its no Inside!
10:38 AM – broadcast started to freeze during the Witcher 3. ITS TOO POWERFUL FOR THE INTERNET!
10:41 AM – We’re getting another rebooted game! What is this game?
10:42 AM – The Battle for Reality Begins… Phantom Dust is coming back… what the hell is Phantom Dust??
10:43 AM – How many hours did you play your favorite game for? JUST ANNOUNCED BATTLETOADS ALREADY!!
10:44 AM – Ryan Barnard hits the stage to talk about Tom Clancy: The Division. I thought Tom Clancy was dead…
10:45 AM – New content first on XBox One… Impressed no one ever. (Tom Clancy: The Division)
10:47 AM – Squad based combat again. Communications seem neat and visuals look pretty awesome!
10:48 AM – The flying, blinding device in The Division is really cool.
10:49 AM – Tom Clancy The Division coming 2015.
10:50 AM – Platinum Games, Hideki Kamiya, presenting an XBox One exclusive game.
10:51 AM – Scalebound. A guy partnered with a dragon taking on other monsters. Neat!
10:52 AM – David Jones from Cloudgine announcing the return of a game with a whole new campaign and a multiplayer experience.
10:53 AM – You’re in luck. We like Dominos! Now that’s an action-hero line if I ever heard one!
10:55 AM – Destroyed an entire city… alright! Crackdown is coming back!
10:57 AM – NO BATTLETOADS?? WHY XBOX WHY?? Just kidding. A lot of the games that were actually looked pretty sweet!



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