E3 2014- Our Thoughts on Nintendo Digital Event!

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is now underway!

We ‘ve looked at all of the other contenders… Now its time to take a look at Nintendo!
We will be following the announcement live here on GameOnGNT. Expect to see a Cliff Note’s version of that announcement in this article here today. This article will update as the NintendoDigital Event continues, so simply click the update button on your web browser to see the latest bits and blurbs about the announcement here on GameOnGNT.

Let’s begin!

The Nintendo Digital Event begins at 9 AM Pacific Time. Check out our updates!

9 AM – Digital Event begins with Robot Chicken style funny bit.
9:01 AM – Cool Super Smash Bros video snippet. The Miis are now in Super Smash Bros!
9:02 AM – Do I care about fighting as Miis? Not really, but cool to see them there.
9:02 AM – Meet Nintendo’s version of Skylanders! New Nintendo toys will be included in game.
9:03 AM – Masahiro Sakurai is speaking about the game. Mii Fighter allows anyone to join the battle.
9:03 AM – Serious work has been done to get the Miis into the game, with varieties of move sets available.
9:05 AM – Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, Mii Gunner
9:05 AM – Each type can choose four special moves for plenty of varieties.
9:06 AM – Sandbag is back in the game, as is Master Hand.
9:07 AM – First Smash Bros game on a handheld – October 3rd, 2014.
9:08 AM – Reggie Fils-Ame hits the stage.
9:08 AM – Amiibo – New toys bring to life characters, recognizing the similarity with Skylanders and Disney Infinity.
9:09 AM – Information can be sent back to the character to be stored as its played in different games.
9:10 AM – Super Smash Bros for Wii U will be the first game to support Amiibo.
9:10 AM – Amiibo play is being prepared for other Nintendo games to come, including one that’s already out… Mario Kart 8.
9:11 AM – More details about Amiibo are available on Nintendo’s YouTube channel.
9:12 AM – Reggie passes it over to game developers.
9:13 AM – Takashi Tekuza playing with yarn… YAAAAYYY.
9:13 AM – Yoshi Yarn game.
9:15 AM – Man, this is a slow part of the feature. Game focuses on exploration. No time limits.
9:16 AM – Yarn gives new ways to explore and new transformations, along with a two player mode. TWO YOSHIS.
9:16 AM – Two people can play to help each other out. Can be used to attack the other player or get them to hard to reach places.
9:18 AM – Yoshi’s Woolly World – 2015
9:18 AM – Oh dear god… Toad is getting his own game.
9:19 AM – Another Robot Chicken snippet… Bowser and Peach talking about donuts. Its actually pretty funny!
9:20 AM – The Legend of Zelda!! Now we’re talking!
9:21 AM – Getting a nice retrospective on how the Legend of Zelda works for world design.
9:22 AM – The new world of the Legend of Zelda screenshots are finally here!
9:23 AM – A totally wide open world with no set order for gameplay. Welcome to non-linear gameplay!
9:23 AM – So happy to see Epona back in the mix.
9:24 AM – New Zelda coming in 2015.
9:24 AM – Got a video of someone wandering a grand forest and caves. He has a Pokeball in his bag.
9:25 AM – Gameplay footage shown for Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby!
9:26 AM – Mega forms for all of the starters!
9:26 AM – Mega forms for Kyogre and Groudon shown as well!
9:26 AM – Robot chicken video of Fox and Little Mac. Little Mac can’t take off his gloves. Its pretty hilarious.
9:27 AM – Bayonetta 2 gameplay and visuals shown!
9:28 AM – Bayonetta included with Bayonetta 2… Available October 2014! That’s something I could really get into!
9:29 AM – On to Hyrule Warriors!
9:30 AM – Impa shown in battle. Giant bosses shown as well!
9:30 AM – Two player mode shown. One person playing with the TV screen, the other playing with the gamepad.
9:30 AM – You can also play as Zelda and Midna!
9:32 AM – They are calling this game a celebration of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors. I would totally agree!
9:32 AM – Coming September 26th, 2014 (Hyrule Warriors)
9:33 AM – Another Kirby game coming to the Wii U!
9:33 AM – How many times are we going to fight that DAMN TREE!
9:34 AM – Kirby and the Rainbow Curse – 23015
9:34 AM – Monolith Soft’s game is being shown. We’re introduced to a girl named Elma.
9:35 AM = Cinematic trailer for this looks really cool. Xenoblade Chronicles X coming 2015!
9:35 AM – Another Robot Chicken video.
9:36 AM – Mario Maker, create your own custom Mario courses! In modern mario style and classic mario style. NEAT! Coming in 2015.
9:37 AM – New game for Wii U. Looks like a paintball game.
9:38 AM – Splatoon? 8 player 4 v 4 multiplayer action game. Team battles to claim their turf by splattering paint all over the place.
9:39 AM – Making a game where you can play as squids? Meh…
9:40 AM – You can switch back and forth between being a squid or being a person with a paint gun… MEH…
9:41 AM – Gamepad lets you see how much of the map is covered in what color of ink.
9:42 AM – Man, I really couldn’t care less about this Splatoon game.
9:44 AM – The gameplay of this game kind of looks fun, but I couldn’t see buying it. (Splatoon) Coming in 2015
9:45 AM – Wraps up things at the Nintendo Direct. Really? REALLY? That’s what you are ending it with?
9:45 AM – Come check out the Super Smash Bros Invitational… Yeah, I’ll just hop into my jet… Oh wait…
9:47 AM – Smash Bros video. Holy shit! Palutina will be playable! Pretty awesome animated video!
9:49 AM – This looks awesome! I want to play as Palutina!
9:50 AM – Shigeru Miyamoto hits the stage… err, Digital Event.
9:52 AM – More details will be shared through Nintendo’s Treehouse… Is this going all day?

While Nintendo Treehouse will be continuing through the day, our look at the Digital Event ends here! What did you think? What game has you the most excited?




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