GameOnGNT Sneak Peek – Battle Princess of Arcadias – First 30 Minutes

The team at NIS America has come through for us again with a new game for review!

I just started giving Battle Princess of Arcadias a go this week and this high-speed action-RPG is definitely unique. It is very much an anime styled game, but from the team at Nippon Ichi Software, what more would you expect?

But don’t take my word from it. Today, I’m sharing with you what you can expect from the first 30 minutes of gameplay from NIS America’s latest title, Battle Princess of Arcadias.

Check out the video today!

I’ve decided not to include the usual voice-over you would find from gameplay videos on this channel, in favor of giving you a chance to check out what this game is like without my commentary.

If you want a more in-depth look at my initial thoughts on this game, check out our blog on Battle Princess of Arcadias.

Expect to see a review of Battle Princess of Arcadias in the near future!

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