This Week’s Pick-Ups – A Steal of a Deal for GTA V

July is almost here, which means we’re getting into the hottest depths of summer and less reason to be stuck in front of my TV playing videos games. The lakes and mountains are calling, so I’m looking forward to enjoying some outside time.

That being said, that doesn’t mean I can’t check out some cheap game sales here and there..

There are plenty of great games out there, ready for me to give a go.  Some of those titles I picked up this past week.


the last of us

The Last of Us

I mentioned this in the last article of This Week’s Pick-Ups that I had avoided picking up The Last of Us at half-price, feeling that this game would drop in price again with the announcement of The Last of Us Remastered for the PlayStation 4.

I didn’t have to wait long to pick up this game though, as my family stepped in. My wife and daughter picked up this game for me as a Father’s Day present, which is an absolutely awesome gift for a Gaming Dad on Father’s Day!

Naturally, I will be diving into this game the first chance I get.

GTA V Poster

Grand Theft Auto V

I also mentioned the sale at Target going on last week for a good number of their games.

While I didn’t pick up a $150 dollars Wii U (Sold out. Go figure.), I did cave in and buy Grand Theft Auto V for 15 bucks. Considering the game was brand new and its original price was 60 dollars, I’d say I got myself a steal of a deal there.

I have borrowed GTA V from a friend before and loved playing it. Now, maybe I can go a little more in-depth with the game.

Charlie Murder Wallpaper

Charlie Murder

And now for a regular feature in This Week’s Pick-Ups, XBox Live Games with Gold. Have I mentioned how much I love this program?

Two games were offered for free for the second half of this month. The first game being Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (which I already own) and the second being Charlie Murder.

This is a game that caught my eye a few months back and passed up on an opportunity to review it back in my days at GameNTrain. Now that the game was available for free again, I figured why not pick it up.

There’s quite a backlog of games for me to go through, including The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V, so don’t expect me to give this game a go for quite some time.



Sonic 4

The XBox Live Sega Sale and Lego Sale

I’ll be honest, I could care less about buying the Lego games through a sale. I know for a fact that most Lego games drop 30 or 40 dollars off their shelving price within a year of their release, so why buy a semi-cheap option now when I can get a really cheap option later?

No, the Sega portion of the XBox Live Sale is what’s catching my attention, as there’s quite a few titles I could see myself picking up on a whim in here.

That is , I would pick them up if I wasn’t totally broke right now.

In any case, there’s a few gems that might be of interest to you. Vanquish is on sale for 60 percent off, which is a great shooting game that’s overshadowed by a lot of the other high budget shooters out there. I have it on PS Plus right now, but that’s not really owning a game when you think about it.

If you want a really cheap fighting game as well, aside from Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition being offered free on XBox right now, try out Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. The game is 75 percent off right now, making it only about three bucks? THREE DOLLARS FOR A GOOD FIGHTING GAME!

And there’s also Sonic games. A lot of Sonic games on sale actually. But the only ones really catching my attention are Sonic 4 Episodes 1 and 2. Both of those titles are 50 percent off, so you can pick them both up for a total of 10 bucks. Not bad if you want your Sonic fix.



Skyrim_title (1)

Skyrim: Elder Scrolls 5

I played Skyrim a little bit more this past week. All I’ve been doing lately is actively avoiding the main story of the game and just exploring the world.

Biggest exploit I pulled off was killing two mammoths with a bow and arrow while hiding inside an archway. The Biggest lesson I’ve learned is not to piss off giants by trying to fight them, as they like to one hit kill me on a regular basis, especially when hanging out with the mammoths mentioned earlier.

Definitely a good game and I still have no idea why I waited so long to play it.


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