This Week’s Pick-Ups – The XBox Live Ultimate Games Sale – Part Two

Remembering how I said last week that I was avoiding a lot of the other games on sale in the XBox Live Ultimate Games Sale?

I lied. Here’s a look at some of the games I picked up since our last article.


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur

Kingdoms of Amalur is a game that has caught my attention a couple of times before. As I’ve mentioned, I love RPGS. Its a genre that I have definitely enjoyed a lot over the years and it doesn’t matter if it is a big budget RPG or a little lesser known project, I will dive right in.

But at the same time, being a cheap curmudgeon like myself, I find it hard to drop 50-60 bucks for any game, unless its one that I really want. I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve paid full price for a game for myself over the past 4 years. (Mass Effect 3, Record of Agarest War and anything Pokemon. Guess which one of these games was the letdown.)

So with Kingdom of Amalur, I love the imagery present and the style of gameplay, but I hated the price tag… and this game never seemed to get a price drop. That was true, until I saw it in this XBox Ultimate Game Sale for less than 10 bucks.

Is that a win? Its definitely a win, but I might tell you otherwise after I play it.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Dues Ex Human Revolution

Deus Ex is another game that I was cautiously optimistic for. Loved playing the first Deus Ex years ago on the PlayStation 2, but I was a little nervous to see that Deus Ex was now a Square Enix project, given how well their track record with games has been lately.

That being said, for less than five bucks, I couldn’t go wrong picking this game up and I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of a story my five bucks has netted me.

Devil May Cry 4


This is the third game that I had been debating about picking up through the XBox sale. I loved playing Devil May Cry, thought the second game was nowhere near as good as the first and skipped the third and fourth game because of it.

I recently picked up the first three games in the Devil May Cry trilogy in a bundle deal. Seeing that Devil May Cry 4 was on sale through the XBox sale, I figured I may as well buy it and complete the set (And yes, DMC doesn’t count.)

New XBox 60 GB Hard Drive

60 GB Hard Drive XBox

With all of these new game downloads, I had to pick up something to store them all, so I bought a new Xbox 360 Hard Drive!

That being said, I now own four hard drives for my XBox 360, so if you’re reading this and have another way for me to store XBox games without buying a new hard drive every time I run out of space, please let me know!

Prince of Persia Collection HD


Yes, I know Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands was up for sale for one day only during the XBox Live Ultimate Game Sale. I skipped out on that though because I’ve never played a Prince of Persia game (At least not the newer series. Hated the classic games) Why buy a game for a series I haven’t played yet?

So when I was picking up my new XBox hard drive from EB Games, I noticed this game on the shelf. Three of the Prince of Persia games on sale in one package for 14 bucks. It was a great chance for me to give the newer Prince of Persia series a go and still get three games for an incredibly cheap price.

BattleBlock Theatre


This Pick-up is a no-brainer, especially with it being free through XBox Live Games with Gold. Have I mentioned how much I love Games with Gold?

Free games? Check.

Free games that are not linked to whether or not you maintain an XBox Live Gold membership? Check!

The fact that I cancel said XBox Live gold membership anytime and keep the games I already downloaded? MOST DEFINITELY CHECK!

Granted, this isn’t true for XBox One owners. But I’m not an XBox One owner, so sucks to be you guys!

Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be talking about BattleBlock Theatre here. Yeah, It’s good, I guess. I’ll tell you when I actually play it.



Dishonored, The Witcher 2 and Portal 2

Dishonored Image

These are the three games from the XBox Ultimate Game Sale that didn’t make the cut for me. The reasons I didn’t buy them are actually pretty simple.

I didn’t buy Dishonored because I have two friends who own it and I could actually borrow the game from.

I didn’t buy the Witcher 2 because I’ve never played the first Witcher and I have a friend who owns it if I ever get curious and want to give the game a go.

And I didn’t buy Portal 2 because I’ve never played the first Portal (because I’m an idiot). This game was the hardest of the three for me not to buy, as I’m probably going to buy Portal someday anyway.

Sony’s Insane 99 Cent Game Sale

Sony Insane Sale

You have no idea how badly I wanted to jump on this sale.

There were so many classic PlayStation games on sale for 99 cents for only a two day period of this past week.

Even if you’ve already owned an old game, buying it for 99 cents is totally worth your time to have a back-up copy, in case a disk breaks, a hard drive corrupts, whatever.

Seriously, I was so tempted to buy Dino Crisis, Dino Crisis 2, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, Tekken 2,  The Legend of Dragoon and Wild Arms 1 and 2. Any of these games at 99 cents is a steal.

However, I had no room on my credit card. None whatsoever.

This sale had to be avoided unfortunately, but give them a few months and there will be another 99 cent sale that I can totally take advantage of.


Super Mario Kart

super mario kart snes

This was an unfortunately weak week for gaming. Wedding planning is in full swing, making for some busy nights and a lack of time for gaming this go-around.

I did however get in some more time with Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo. My skills are definitely rusty with this game, but I finished up all recordings that you will be seeing from this game on GameOnGNT.

So that means I am finally done playing Super Mario Kart, unless I want to play it with some friends for a laugh!

Considering how frustrated I got with this game, that might not happen for a long time.


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