This Week’s Pick-Ups – Anime Gaming and Retro Collecting

The Square-Enix sale we ran into towards the beginning of August was one of the best game sales that I had seen all summer. Getting access to some of my favorite games of all time for half of their usual price is pretty excellent to see and also tough to beat.

Then along came an anime game sale…


Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

Last time around, I was debating from a number of games that were on sale which game I should pick up before the sale finishes.

Out of the games I listed, this was pretty much the no-brainer. I’ve been wanting to pick this set of games up for a while and 20 bucks isn’t a bad price for it.

What I didn’t realize is the craziness I was going to get into with downloading a game like this instead of buying a physical copy of it.

FFX DOwnload

I’m talking about how long I had to wait for this thing to download on my PS3, not to mention the 46 gb of space I had to clear out before I could even download the game (23 gb game in total, but you need double the space on your hard drive to download the installer first, then the game installs itself afterwards.)

Now that it is installed though, I’m definitely ready to dive in and gives this game another go.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z
With the Square-Enix sale over, that made way for the Anime Sale on the PlayStation Network. This made me jump from one fandom to another as I saw Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z was on sale for 10 bucks, much less than its actual value in store.

I’ve heard a lot about this game and that brings a whole new dynamic to DBZ video games.

As long as its not like Dragon Ball Z Kinect, I think we’re in for a decent play.

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles


Another game that was included in the Anime Sale was the Tales of Symphonia Chronicles. I didn’t think this would fit with an anime sale, but I’m not going to complain about the price that it was listed at either.

You get both Tales of Symphonia and its sequel with this one. Now let’s do the math here…

Two lengthy RPGs on sale for only $7.50 means both games are only $3.75 each.

In my eyes, $3.75 for a solid RPG is always a win! So the money for this buy came from our 50 dollar PSN gift card that we got from our wedding…

Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Chronicles of Narnia Cover Art

…And in return, Shayla got the pick of a game for herself. She picked this one for the PlayStation 2 to download.

I will be honest, I’ve never been the biggest fan of the Chronicles of Narnia games. I’ve read the books, I’ve enjoyed the movies, but I always saw the video games as your typical Movie based video game affair, which are typically shovel ware.

Will Chronicles of Narnia for the PS2 be any different? Well, we’ll find out when we actually give it a go!

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct

The next few games I picked up from a friend of mine and a frequent contributor to GameOn, Kyle Born!

Kyle Born recently got the chance to go through all of his gaming collection and revisit plenty of his old games. In doing so, he realized he had a lot of games that he wanted to sell.

That’s where I come in! I had a look through the collection and found a few games I had been meaning to pick-up. So I gave him 20 bucks for three games. starting with the oldest of the three pick-ups, Killer Instinct.

I had a lot of fun with this game on the Super Nintendo. From the insane difficulty in the later levels, the cool looking characters and the awesome announcer (ULTRA COMBO!!!), there’s no doubt why this came was brought back in all its glory on the XBox One in later years.

So naturally, I’ve been meaning to get this game again and now I have it.

Dark Cloud 2

Dark Cloud 2

This is another one of the games that I picked up from Kyle Born last week. The only reason that I picked this game up is because I have never played it and I had so much fun with the original Dark Cloud when it came out.

I figured this was probably the best chance I was going to get to play this game anyway!

Viewtiful Joe

Viewtiful Joe

This was the third game that I picked up from GameOn’s Kyle Born and for the opposite reason that I picked up Dark Cloud 2.

I currently own Viewtiful Joe 2, but have never owned the first Viewtiful Joe game. Seeing as Kyle was trying to get rid of this game, it only made sense for me to pick this one up.



Now on to the two most interesting pick-ups of the week!

The next two games on the list have a little bit of backstory. I kind of went insane with some of the free time I had after the wedding was over and done with. During that free time, I decided I would go through my collection of games and take inventory. Considering how large my collection is, this turned into a multi-day affair.

And let’s be clear here. This wasn’t your average organizational effort. Not only was I archiving what games I owned, but I also organized the gaming shelf by alphabetical order, as well as popped in every single XBox game I had on disc to make sure they still worked and weren’t too scratched up. I’ve even printed out a list documenting how many games I have for the XBox 360 and where to find them on my game shelves or on my hard drives.

Yeah, it was totally nuts. OCD at its finest.

But through this, I learned two things about Shayla and I’s game collection.

1. We had a total of 198 games playable on the XBox 360, either original XBox titles, downloads or XBox 360 games.

2. The only letter of the alphabet not covered by our XBox 360 collection was the letter Q.

When I told Shayla about these findings, she had two reactions.

1. We obviously have to buy two more games to make it an even 200.

2. We need to begin our search with a game starting with the letter Q.

And that led to us downloading Quarrel for five bucks. The alphabet is now complete!



That also leads us to the second XBox Live Games with Gold title for the month, Dishonored.

Dishonored now holds the honorable distinction of being the 200th game in our XBox collection.

I’ve been looking forward to playing this game as well. If you’ve seen past articles of This Week’s Pick-Ups, I avoided buying Dishonored during the XBox Live Ultimate Game Sale. I’m glad I avoided it now, because now I own the game for free.

Can’t argue with that turn of events. Welcome to the family, Dishonored!


Xbox’s Final Fantasy focused sale


I may be wrong on this one, but I don’t consider half-price to be a good deal for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Not when XBox is still pricing that game at a 60 dollar value and half-price means I would still have to pay 30 bucks for it.

The game has been out for about half a year now. Considering the lackluster reviews this game has garnered from all over the place, you would think it would have dropped to a more reasonable price by now.

I would pay at most 15 or 20 bucks for Lightning Returns. Not the 30 dollars being asked for here.

As for the rest of the sale, your options were Crystal Defenders, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and an odd mixture of XBox games to follow.



Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection

Lets go back to one of the kings of the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy IV.

Since picking this game up in the Square-Enix sale for PSN, I have not put this game down. Not only did Final Fantasy IV get a lot of attention from me this week, I also nearly beat the entire game, including side content!

Now I’m debating if I continue plowing through the rest of the content and give Final Fantasy IV: The After Years a go, or if I jump to another Final Fantasy collection and play Final Fantasy X.

Or do I jump to an entirely new game to play? Lord knows I’ve got more than enough games to choose from!

Decisions, decisions…





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