Challenge Accepted! The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

So I will be doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I was challenged by Peter Thomas, a long time supporter and friend of mine, after he completed the challenge himself!

Peter Thomas Ice Bucket Challenge

Peter originally challenged me to this on Tuesday, so based on how the challenge works, I was supposed to do this on Wednesday. Given how crazy my day was, that just wasn’t going to happen!

I also learned that Peter wasn’t the only person who was going to challenge me! Shortly after I announced the challenge, cosplayer Jessica Jane told me she was planning on throwing a challenge my way as well, but Peter beat me to it.

Jessica did the Ice Bucket Challenge in spectacular fashion, as you can see on her Facebook page.

Jessica Jane

But you can join me on Friday, August 22nd when I will be taking this challenge on. I promise I will upload the video as soon as I can. You will probably see it on GameOn’s Facebook page first, but we’ll get it posted pretty quick.

In the meantime, I did some research on the challenge to learn a little more about it. Basically, the ice bucket challenge didn’t have anything to do with ALS when it first started. It was being used for a variety of charities, even cancer.

To learn a little more about the Ice Bucket Challenge, check out this Post by Nick Ryan DeWitt.

It was basically through baseball player and ALS-sufferer Pete Frates challenging his sports colleagues and others that it spiralled outward and cemented its connection with ALS. All of the people who did the ice bucket challenge right off the bat did it in honor of Pete Frates and ALS… and they told three friends (or celebrities), and they told three friends (or celebrities) and it kept going on from there to the viral status that it has hit now.

The ice water doesn’t simulate anything. Its just what makes the videos interesting.

For myself, I only have one personal connection to ALS that I know of. I remember Tom Musselman going through this disease and the impact that ALS had on his entire family. Despite all that happened, I remember Tom being strong for his family, even as his body wasn’t doing what it used to anymore.

Best advice I can give to everyone watching the Ice Bucket challenge videos is to do your research and support the cause. Go to

I’m amazed that millions of dollars has been raised in support of ALS sufferers through this so far. Here’s hoping my video can help raise some more.


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