Smart-Ass Comment of the Day – Back to Skylanders and Disney Infinity!

There’s nothing more ridiculous, more inane, more bullshit than YouTube comments.

Recently, famous YouTuber Pewdiepie made the decision to turn off his YouTube comments for good, because he kept getting shit comments.

Being no stranger to shit comments, I’ve decided to embrace the growing army of YouTube commenters to showcasing them here on my blog… for everyone to see!

Not being one to silently take bullshit, I’ve decided I will call out the commenters as well.

We’ll see how long I can keep up!

Today, we’re going back to a video that I posted about a year ago, about Skylanders and Disney Infinity. In this video, I clearly called Disney Infinity a cash-grab by Disney to get MOAR money from its fanbase.

But one YouTube viewer disagreed and made the comment below…

Disney Infinity Super Saleem

So, this is what I had to say in response to this YouTube commenter…

Hi  ____________, thanks for joining the conversation on a video that’s almost a year old. Glad to see you finally got around to checking this out.

Let’s see… Which game came out first? Skylanders.
Which game is a blatant copy of the other? Disney Infinity.
Which game charges more for their cheap, hackneyed toys? Disney Infinity.
Which game does no one object to paying more money for toys for, because its freaking Disney? Disney Infinity.

Granted, the Disney game may actually be fun. I don’t know because I didn’t bother to play it. That’s because I already plunked down more than enough money on Skylanders toys and wasn’t about to start dropping money on another game that simply wants your money by making you buy more freaking toys.

So anyway, have fun with Disney Infinity. I don’t care to play it and probably never will.

And I love that you mention that all of my videos have 2 views, even though the video you commented on clearly has over 100. I’m glad counting is your strong point.

If you see what you think is a dumb comment on any of my videos, let me know at! I’ll get around to commenting on it as soon as I can!


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