We Got Destiny! (For Real This Time)

Wow, Activision acts fast…

Recently, I posted a video talking about how I got a review copy of Destiny through GameOnGNT. However, that game was a PS4 copy and I do not own the current gen systems.

I arrive home on Monday and what do I find waiting for me? Destiny for the PlayStation 3!

So a big thank you to Activision for catering to my needs and providing us with two different copies of Destiny for review.

You can expect to see Destiny gameplay coming to GameOnGNT soon enough.

So what will we be doing with the PS4 copy of the game? We’re going to be donating it on behalf of Activision as a prize for the upcoming Extra Life Game Day in Cranbrook!

One lucky participant in that event will get a chance to win the PS4 copy of Destiny for themselves. What better way to use an extra copy of a game than donating it to an event that can raise funds for kids in hospitals?

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