Jon St John lends his support to Extra Life Game Day in Cranbrook!

Hey guys, its time to find out about another prize available at the Extra Life Game Day, happening at the Eagles Hall in Cranbrook, British Columbia on Saturday, October 4th!

This one, GameOn has had the pleasure of helping to organize for the event, so let’s start this week off with a unique prize, courtesy of Jon St. John, who you might remember as the voice of Duke Nukem!

Jon St. John has graciously jumped on to support our event and has said that he is always happy to support any Children’s Hospital charity!

One of the prizes at Extra Life Game Day will be to “Have Jon St. John, the voice of Duke Nukem, voice your ring tone!”

If you win this prize, you will need to provide Game Day organizers with a script that you would like Jon St John to voice. We will then send the script to Jon, who will voice it as Duke Nukem, then send the audio file back for your use.

The possibilities here are endless! Have Duke Nukem voice your ring tone, your answering machine, whatever clip you would like voiced is yours to ask for!

Want to find out how to win this prize? Come on out to the

NOTE – Jon St. John will only voice audio for private use only, not for commercial use. You cannot have Duke Nukem be the voice of your next radio commercial.


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