Jeff Plays Destiny – Part 2 – In Soviet Russia…

GameOn’s Jeff Johnson is giving one of the biggest games of the year a go, as he pulls out the controller and headset to try out Destiny!

We’re still wandering around Old Mother Russia. At some point, we’ll find a way to get off this rock, but in the meantime, we’ll just keep punching people.

We’re foregoing the usual review you would see a website or YouTube channel do when a new game comes out, given how late to the party we are, but we are going to have fun playing this game and seeing how it goes and bringing you some gameplay videos of our initial gameplay.

A big thank you to Activision for providing GameOnGNT with a review copy of Destiny.

Activision also provided GameOn with a PS4 copy of Destiny, which will be available as a prize at the Extra Life Game Day in Cranbrook on October 4th. For more info, check out our blog,


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