New Feature Coming to GameOnGNT… Husband VS Wife

Today, we bring you an intro for a new feature coming to the channel.

Husband VS Wife capitalizes on the competitive nature of GameOn Hosts Jeff Johnson and Shayla Brissette.

Recently, Jeff and Shayla got married, and what was once a gaming rivalry between a dating couple has now become a rivalry between a married couple.

The only way to settle this kind of rivalry (and have plenty of fun while we’re at it) is to start up this new feature, Husband VS Wife.

Expect this feature to capitalize on party games, two player adventure games or even games traditionally played with more than one person.

Both myself and my wife Shayla are pretty competitive, so the idea of having a competitive feature between the two of us after we got married seemed like a perfect fit.

First episode of Husband VS Wife, coming soon!

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