Thoughts of the Day – About Target’s Buy Two, Get One Free Sale

Had an interesting experience with Target’s Buy Two, Get One Free game sale the other day.

Basically, I bought nine different games or game related items through the Target sale and my discounts turned out to be far less than I expected.

So when I went to return the games to the store, unopened and only five minutes later, Target staff warned me that there would be a four dollar refund fee for returning each item, basically costing me $36 dollars if I wanted to make a return.

That’s a $36 dollar fee to return games, when I hadn’t even left the store with the damn things in the first place.

Check out the video below for my full thoughts on the issue!

What do you think? Is a refund fee for returned games stupid? I know its there to protect the store from fraud, but this is a case where an exception should have been made.



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