Thoughts of the Day – Are Let’s Plays Overdone?

This video might not win me some friends.

Today, I talk about Let’s Plays, the videos done by almost all gaming YouTubers out there.

And that’s my point. Let’s Plays are done by everybody, to the point where making a Let’s Play of a game is only contributing to the white noise.

Yes, playing games are fun and getting our opinions out there on them are important, but how do you make your Let’s Play for a game like Dead Space stand out from the thousands of other Let’s Plays on Dead Space that are available today?

Truth is, most people will go to watch Let’s Play videos for their favorite YouTubers (PewDiePie, Two Best Friends Play, Boogie 2988, The Rad Brad, Total Biscuit, etc.) before they will go to check out videos from all other contenders.

So in thought, what do you do to make your Lets Plays or gameplay videos stand out? What’s unique about your gameplay that brings people back to watch more gameplay and more content from your channel?

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on this topic below!


One thought on “Thoughts of the Day – Are Let’s Plays Overdone?”

  1. Are they competent, witty, good at improvising and most importantly, are they easy to listen to? No annoying voices or laughing at your own jokes in a guffaw.


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