Thoughts of the Day – Skylanders: Trap Team is Trapping Your Money

How the hell do I use the traps in Skylanders: Trap Team?

Are they like Pokeballs and I need one trap for every monster you can capture, or are they specifically used to capture all monsters of one elemental type?

And why is it that I can’t find this answer on almost every gaming website talking about Skylanders: Trap Team?

The answer for the first question is a little longer to explain and is available in the video. But the answer to the second question is easy enough… MONEY.

Skylanders: Trap Team is out now and the best bet I can give you before you get into a buying frenzy for these toys for the Christmas rush is to learn as much about the game as possible and learn what you actually need to buy.

For more Trap Team content, pay attention to GameOnGNT over the next week. We’ll have more coverage on this game and tell you as much about it as we can.


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