Husband VS Wife – The Wonder Trade Game – Part Three – Jeff Stumbles

What happens when both Jeff and Shay want to give the Wonder Trade Game a go with Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby?

You get yourself a great opportunity for Husband VS Wife!

Join Jeff and Shayla as they go head to head with Wonder Trading. Who will come out of this with better teams? Who will make it to the end of the game first? Who will get through the gyms easier?

That’s the battle before Jeff and Shay as they take on the Wonder Trade Game here on GameOnGNT.

In Part Three of this feature, Jeff is at the first gym and having one hell of a time with it with his Wonder Trade Team. Ever fought against Rock-Type Pokémon without a water or grass type before? Yeah, it sucks.

In any case, after a few tries, Jeff pulls off a victory. Now he has a new team heading into the second gym.

Lv. 15 Dustox – Lv. 2 Zigzagoon – Mie, Japan
Lv. 15 Beautifly – Lv. 3 Wingull – Japan
Lv. 15 Magikarp – Lv. 5 Poochyena – Tottori, Japan
Lv. 14 Zigzagoon – Lv. 11 Whismur – Oregon, United States
Lv. 14 Ekans – Lv. 39 Delibird – Ile de Franc, France
Lv. 22 Elektrike – Lv. 19 Dustox – Illinois, United States

Just a heads-up, there are some moments of shaky cam in this, as we are filming off of a Nintendo 3DS screen.

More videos to come as they take on this journey. If you’ve got any questions about Wonder Trading or our journey, fire us an e-mail at


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