Husband VS Wife – Wonder Trade Game – Part 12 – Jeff VS. Norman

The Wonder Trade Game continues, as Jeff makes a late game push to catch up to Shayla.

Today, Jeff takes on Norman, the fifth gym’s leader.

The last we saw Shayla, she had beaten Gym 6. This means Jeff and Shay are only one gym apart!

Can Jeff catch up? Or will Shayla widen the gap again?

Here’s a look at Jeff’s new team, as he gets ready to head to Gym 6.

Lv. 35 Charmeleon – Lv. 34 Sableye – Tokyo, Japan
Lv. 30 Inkay – Lv. 8 Wingull – Fukushima, Japan
Lv. 29 Dustox – Lv. 2 Poochyena – Sao Paulo, Brazil
Lv. 29 Linoone – Lv. 1 Pinsir – South Korea
Lv. 28 Pansage – Lv. 19 Zigzagoon – Japan
Lv. 26 Gabite – Lv. 12 Electrike – Singapore

This international team will be Jeff’s squad that he takes into Gym 6, a flying-type gym. Having an Electric-type Pokémon definitely helps, but will the other Pokémon do their part as well?

More Wonder Trading to come, stay tuned!


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