Husband VS. Wife – Wonder Trade Game – Part 13 – Seven Seconds at Gym Seven

The Wonder Trade Game is nearing its end!

Jeff and Shayla are in the home stretch, with both looking to make it to the finish lane before the other as this Husband VS Wife battle continues!

Today, Shayla hits Gym 7, making it a two gym gap between her and Jeff once again. She brought a solid team into this one, despite Jigglypuff being her strongest Pokémon to build with leading up to this battle.

A few gyms left to go, with only one gym separating Shayla from the battle with the Elite Four.

Let’s see what team she is taking into the next round of this Wonder Trade Game!

Lv. 46 Sharpedo – Lv. 6 Cascoon
Lv. 45 Roserade – Lv. 2 Zigzagoon
Lv. 50 Mightyena – Lv. 14 Zigzagoon
Lv. 62 Wigglytuff – Lv. 20 Azumarill
Lv. 42 Floette – Lv. 1 Buneary
Lv. 42 Wobuffet – Lv. 1 Ralts

Jeff meanwhile, just finished Gym Five and has to get past two more gyms just to catch up to Shay!


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