Husband VS. Wife – Wonder Trade Game – Part 14 – Manectric, Master of Lightning

The Wonder Trade Game is almost at an end!

Shay is on the road to Gym 8 and Jeff is hot on her heels and taking on the Flying-type gym, Gym 6!

This special feature of Husband VS. Wife has put Jeff and Shay against each other, as both of them try to beat their copies of the new Pokémon game.

Both Jeff and Shay have to wonder trade their teams away every time they beat a new gym, so there has been no way of knowing which Pokémon they will have when they go into preparing for a new gym.

It just so happened that Jeff gets to walk into a flying gym with Manectric, an electric type.

Let the fun begin!

With Gym 6 out of the way, Jeff is ready to move right along to Gym 7, but what Wonder Trade Team will accompany him for that battle?

Here’s the breakdown of the new team!

Lv. 37 Manectric – Lv. 13 Oddish – Alabama, United States
Lv. 39 Pelipper – Lv. 1 Darumaka – Connecticut, United States
Lv. 47 Sableye – Lv. 1 Klefki – Pennsylvania, United States
Lv. 37 Linoone – Lv. 2 Ralts – New York, United States
Lv. 34 Pinsir – Lv. 2 Scatterbug – California, United States
Lv. 36 Mightyena – Lv. 11 Geodude – California, United States

Jeff’s newest team is set. Now its time to move on to a battle with psychic twins!


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