Husband VS. Wife – Wonder Trade Game – Part 15 – Shay’s Final Gym

The Wonder Trade Game is almost at an end!

Shay has made it to Gym 8, leaving Jeff two gyms behind and still trying to catch up.

This special feature of Husband VS. Wife has put Jeff and Shay against each other, as both of them try to beat their copies of the new Pokémon game.

Both Jeff and Shay have to wonder trade their teams away every time they beat a new gym, so there has been no way of knowing which Pokémon they will have when they go into preparing for a new gym.

Will Shay have what she needs to take down Wallace, the leader of Gym 8? Check out today’s video to find out!

Here’s a look at the trades Shayla has made after beating the eighth gym and the final Wonder Trade Team she will be taking into the Elite Four.

Lv. 51 Gardevoir – Lv. 45 Braviary – United States
Lv. 49 Azumarill – Lv. 3 Wingull – United States
Lv. 45 Lopunny – Lv. 13 Numel – United States
Lv. 45 Linoone – Lv. 25 Wailmer – United States
Lv. 43 Linoone – Lv. 1 Axew – United States
Lv. 40 Dustox – Lv. 23 Slugma – United States

How will Team America fare against Hoenn’s Elite Four and the Hoenn League Champion?

The Wonder Trade Game will officially come to an end this weekend, so be sure to join us for the finale!


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