Husband VS Wife – Wonder Trade Game – Part 16 – The Wonder Twins Totally Suck!

The Wonder Trade Game is almost at an end!

Shay has already beaten Gym 8, but Jeff is working to catch up! Can he finish two gyms and make it to the end of the game before Shayla is ready for the Elite Four?

This special feature of Husband VS. Wife has put Jeff and Shay against each other, as both of them try to beat their copies of the new Pokémon game.

Both Jeff and Shay have to wonder trade their teams away every time they beat a new gym, so there has been no way of knowing which Pokémon they will have when they go into preparing for a new gym.

Jeff makes short work of Gym 7, as the psychic twins prove to be more of a flop of cosmic proportions!

Now that that’s over with, lets take a look at Jeff’s new team, as he gets ready for the eighth gym and the battle against Kyogre?

Lv. 55 Klefki – Lv. 1 Mudkip – Guanajuato, Mexico
Lv. 48 Gloom – Lv. 3 Wurmple – Kanagawa, Japan
Lv. 45 Gardevoir – Lv. 3 Poochyena – New York, United States
Lv. 47 Vivillon – Lv. 10 Magikarp – Tokyo, Japan
Lv. 52 Darmanitan – Lv. 9 Makuhita – California, United States
Lv. 46 Golem – Lv. 20 Shedinja – United Kingdom, England

So Shedinja is currently Jeff’s strongest Pokémon, but how is a Shedinja going to help in this stage of the game? Check out next episode and find out!


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