What’s Coming in 2015 on GameOnGNT?

Wondering what you can expect from GameOnGNT over the start of 2015. Check out the video and find out!

GameOnGNT is your source for gaming, news and talk. We do Thoughts of the Day features, special event coverage and interviews with members of the gaming industry and fan culture, as well as gameplay videos.

Sometimes we get review copies of the latest games. Other times, we revisit some of our favorite games in features like Jeff’s Classic Playthroughs, Shay Plays, Husband VS Wife and GameOn Party Night.

If you’re looking for features focussed on specific styles of games, Onward to Adventure is perfect for RPGs and GameOn First Impressions gives you a great snapshot of some of the latest games available.

If you like what you see, be sure to check out www.youtube.com/gameongnt for more of our videos.

Also, you can follow the latest from our channel and what’s on our mind at http://www.facebook.com/gameongnt and on our blog, www.gameongnt.wordpress.com.


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