Jeff’s Classic Playthroughs – Mario Party 4 – Part One

We featured this video in our trailer of what you can expect from GameOnGNT in 2015. Now, we’re giving you a chance to see the action for yourself.

In today’s Jeff’s Classic Playthroughs, Roger and Shay join Jeff for a game of Mario Party 4, a Mario Party that none of the team has played before.

We promise that friendships will remain intact after this round of the game.

From the Nintendo era to the Gamecube, Jeff’s Classic Playthroughs brings you gaming’s wonder years. Jeff grew up playing many of the games included in this time frame, so its only fitting to have a feature showcasing these awesome games.

Expect to see Jeff’s Classic Playthroughs every week on GameOnGNT, starting Wednesday, February 4th.


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