Thoughts of the Day – Kids VS Video Games

In today’s Thoughts of the Day video, I’m talking about the wonders of raising kids around video game systems.

Have you ever had a youth related mishap when it comes to your games or game systems?

And by that, I mean a little niece, nephew, cousin, brother, sister, daughter or whatever breaking one of your gaming systems?

Trust me, it happens. Today, I talk about the fun my little two-year-old daughter has with money and treating video game systems like piggy banks.

Thoughts of the Day is a long-running series of videos by Jeff Johnson that can be found on GameOnGNT.

Thoughts of the Day is our chance to spout off about the latest news in gaming and geek culture. But we’re not closed off to anyone else’s opinion… At the end of each video, we ask for your thoughts on the issue too!

Starting, Saturday, January 31st and Sunday, February 1st, you can expect to see new Thoughts of the Day videos every Saturday and Sunday!


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