Fan Choice Feature – MadWorld

Your choice has been made!

Earlier this month, we put out a poll for you to choose which game would be featured in our first Fan Choice Feature on GameOnGNT.

Your winner is MadWorld, beating out Metroid: Other M, Punch-Out! for the Wii and Rygar.

Today, Jeff Johnson gives MadWorld a go and gives you his thoughts on this bloody game from Platinum.

Watch Jeff’s reactions as the blood and gore goes flying!

You’ve seen the Shayla’s Choice feature on GameOn before. That’s where Shayla chooses a random game out of my collection to play for you on GameOn.

Fan Choice takes this feature up a notch, giving the choice to you! I’ll list four games we want to play on GameOn and you’ll pick the game you want to see. The winner will be played on the channel!

Shayla’s Choice and Fan Choice will air on Tuesdays, starting on Tuesday, February 3rd. Fan Choice will air on the last Tuesday of every month!


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