Thoughts of the Day – Man Crates and Why I Wont Do Free Blog-vertisements

I was recently approached by Man Crates to be apart of a Video Game Nostalgia campaign.

It sounds like a fun topic to talk about, if you forget about the fact that Man Crates wants you to talk about their product, link back to their website and do it all for free.

Bloggers, YouTubers, do you see anything wrong with this picture?

I feel if you are being approached by a company to talk about their product, be it for a name mention or for a review, there should be some sort of compensation in store for you, be it keeping the review product, trying out the review product first hand, or some form of monetary incentive.

Am I wrong in thinking this? Or should companies realize that bloggers and youtubers time has value?

Think about it. If you are covering an event like a comic convention, you are given a media pass for the weekend, saving you money for your time covering the event. If you are doing a review on a game for a company, they will provide you with the game so that you can talk about it. Its only fair that if a company wants you to promote them in your blog, that you should be compensated somehow.

That being said, that doesn’t mean everything you talk about on your YouTube channel should be because you were paid to talk about it. If you see something cool or inspirational, you should share and talk about it! But if a company directly approaches you for promotion, they obviously realize there is value in your words, so why shouldn’t that value be matched by an actual monetary value?

Make your thoughts known!

Thoughts of the Day is our chance to spout off about the latest news in gaming and geek culture. But we’re not closed off to anyone else’s opinion… At the end of each video, we ask for your thoughts on the issue too!


3 thoughts on “Thoughts of the Day – Man Crates and Why I Wont Do Free Blog-vertisements”

  1. The irony though is you just gave them free advertising.

    The double irony is I only found your article on this because I was approached by them as well and wanted to do some research. đŸ™‚


    1. Would you consider it free advertising when largely everything I have to say about them is negative?

      I get what you’re saying, there’s no such thing as free advertising, but at least my complaining and bitching is on my own terms!


      1. I was thinking of the saying, “any publicity is good publicity.” Kind of, but not exactly, for the same reason bulk mailings and telemarketing works.

        Your post and video are well done in addressing the named company and issue. And you hit the nail on the head concerning bloggers/vloggers and company-requested reviews.


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