February’s Fan Choice Feature – Make Your Choice Today!

Well, its February. That means its time to get your thoughts on the next Fan Choice feature on GameOn!

This time, we’re sticking with XBox 360 games and we’re once again giving you four games to choose from.

Those four games are:

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons just became a free download through XBox Live Games with Gold. I’ve heard some interesting things about this game when watching Really Freakin’ Clever, so I know about some of the spoilers of this game. That hasn’t stopped me from wanting to play it!

Dead Island – XBox Live Games with Gold has given me more free games than I know what to do with. Sometimes I play the free game when its downloaded, but if I’m playing other games at the time, it often gets put aside and forgotten. Dead Island is one of those games that managed to slip through the cracks.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Its been a long time since I’ve played a game in the Deus Ex series. The last time was the very first game in the series back on the PlayStation 2. I picked this game up in an XBox Live sale a few months back, but haven’t given it a go just yet.

Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning – I’ve heard everything surrounding the development of this game was a train wreck. But at the same time, I like the art style and feel this could be an interesting game to play. This game was also picked up in a XBox Live sale and again, has not been touched.

The winning game will be part of our Fan Choice feature in the last week of February! Make your selection known by following the link below!



If you aren’t able to follow the link, you can also make your vote by commenting below!


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