GameOn First Impressions – Criminal Girls: Invite Only – Part Two

Today, I take a look at Criminal Girls: Invite Only from NIS America, available physically and digitally across North America today.

Its a first for the GameOn First Impressions series. Due to how slow of a start this game has, we’ve put out a two-parter on Criminal Girls to show you a little more of what you can expect from this game.

In today’s video, we’re giving me more of a smoke show from the Motivate system and showing you what battles are like when you have multiple party members fighting it out.

You’ll also get a chance to see some of the game’s first mini-bosses.


GameOn First Impressions is our chance to give you a look at what to expect from some of the newest games to come out. Sometimes a game is simply too long to give a full review under our time constraints. We’re looking at the first hour of this game and talking about what stands out and what falls flat.

If you like what you see, check it out for yourself and download Criminal Girls: Invite Only on your PlayStation Vita from PSN!


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