Shayla’s Choice – Kirbys Epic Yarn – A GameOnGNT Quick Look

Last month, I started a feature called Shayla’s Choice, where my wife picks a game that I own that I have yet to play and I have to sit down and play it. Its a fun one-off feature that adds a little randomness to the channel and helps me clear out some of my gaming backlog.

And the randomness isn’t just limited to what kind of game you’ll play. If you like the game, then let the fan boy reactions begin. If you don’t like the game, then there’s always the potential for rage and anger, which can be pretty funny to watch at times.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a game that is neither of those things. Its a game that I found so boring that I couldn’t even get mad at it. It takes everything that is fun about Kirby (absorbing powers, quick pace of play, near limitless flight) and throws that out the window. Its still ridiculously cute, but also slow, VERY SLOW. They’ve also removed almost all possibility of dying in the game, which makes what was already an easy platformer into a platformer focused on collecting items and nick-nacks with no risk of death.

I have never been the type of gamer who has to find every single item or get three stars in every level to feel that I’ve played the game completely. That’s basically what this style of play turns Kirby into.

I ended up recording gameplay footage for this game for an hour and a half, looking for any redeeming quality it might have. There were some things that I found interesting, but not enough to keep my interested for a full playthrough.

I love Kirby, but not this game. If you want more, you can check out the video below.

What did you think about Kirby’s Epic Yarn? Was it a game you got into or did you skip past this one?

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