GameOn Party Night – Mario Kart 8 – Part Two

Its time for another GameOn Party Night!

Jeff, Shay, Roger and Blaze team up for another game night, as they take on party games, fighting games, and anything else that all four of them can play at the exact same time.

We’re joined by GameOn regular Kyle Born and Richard for some six player action in Mario Kart 8 for Wii U.

We know six player doesn’t really work for Mario Kart 8, but Dammit, we’re committed! We’re seeing this one through to the end.

Wait a minute, we’re playing Battle Mode too? Oh, crap!

The end of this video contains a montage of clips from our time with Mario Kart 8 battle mode. Seriously, don’t play battle mode in this game. Its not worth your time. Stick to racing.

If you’ve got a game you want us to play for GameOn Party Night, let us know! Send us an e-mail at

GameOn Party Night was also featured in our recent trailer for content coming your way in 2015. Be sure to check that out when you have the chance!


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