GameOn First Impressions – The Firefly Diary

In today’s First Impressions video, we give one of NIS America’s newest games, The Firefly Diary, a go.

I came into this game with an open mind. I really did.

I like puzzle games, I like NIS America and I’m beginning to like the PS Vita. So I figured, why wouldn’t I like the Firefly Diary?

It looked cute, it has a neat art style and from what I had read about it, unique gameplay mechanics. So when I received the game from NIS America for review, I figured I would have enjoyed it.

But I didn’t take two things into consideration… This game was definitely made for the PS Vita and I don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to infuriating gameplay mechanics.

Here’s the deal. A lot of the gameplay in the Firefly Diary works around using the back touch pad and touchscreen on the PS Vita. When you are playing on the PlayStation TV, you can exactly do that normally.

So you have to change the settings on your controller, requiring you to press in the joysticks L3 and R3 button to make it respond to touch screen commands.

This works about as well as five hungry dogs trying to a dog to speak English. And don’t you dare try to point out Dog With a Blog on this one.

The PlayStation TV uses Vita touch commands awkwardly, especially when you have a game that requires you to touch both the front and back of the screen around the same time.

To guide the main character of this game, you have to use front screen taps, similar to guiding a character through a point-and-click game. At the same time, you have to use back taps on the PS Vita to guide a shadow fairy, who makes things happen to clear obstacles.

I’m sure this game is good for the PS Vita, but its just an awkward mess when playing it on the PS TV and I cannot recommend it. Don’t buy this game if you are playing on a PlayStation TV. If you have a PS Vita, have at it and let me know what your experience was like.

That’s my thoughts on The Firefly Diaries, but what do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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