The Adventure Continues? What’s Going on With Onward to Adventure?

So my main YouTube channel, GameOnGNT, is doing well, but I’d like to share my other YouTube channel here with you today.

I started the Onward to Adventure YouTube channel last year during the summer, with ideas of doing Let’s Plays of RPGs on the side of my regular channel. I love RPGs, but didn’t have a way to get into my regular content without starting something new.

That didn’t really work, given I had a wedding coming up in August and absolutely no time to dedicate to a steady diet of RPGs for the channel.

But now I started using the channel again with a new feature I’ve been doing, Jeff’s Gaming Journal, which is basically a gaming vloggers journal. I talk about the games I’ve played throughout the day and talk about a gaming topic that’s caught my attention.

Closer to the summer season, I will be bringing Onward to Adventure back to the channel as well, so there will be plenty of stuff for you to check out when the time comes! The first game we will be tackling when the time comes is Earthbound, so get ready!

Anyway, come check out my second channel, watch a few journal entries and let me know what you think!


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