Shay Plays – Ocarina of Time – These Boots Aren’t Made For Walking

Shay Plays continues and we’re still in the freakin’ Water Temple.

No ice bats to be found here, although we do talk about the iron boots at length. We also discuss Spiderman for some reason. Still looking for some Man on Zora Love in these parts…

Featuring the return of Shayla’s favorite obstacle, the boulder.

You may have heard Shayla join in for our GameOn Party Night features or our Husband VS Wife battles.

Well here’s another way to see Shayla in the driver’s seat.

Join Shayla as she takes on adventure games, platform games and other classics you grew up with!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is owned by Nintendo, but all audio commentary from this video is courtesy of Shayla Brissette and Jeff Johnson.

Special thanks to Shayla Brissette for putting up with my madness and being a part of the randomness that is GameOnGNT.

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