Shayla’s Choice – SSX 3 (PS2) – A GameOnGNT Quick Look

With an endless supply of games that I could play in a collection of literally dozens of unplayed games, what game becomes Shayla’s Choice?

The answer…. is SSX 3 for the PlayStation 2.

I’ve been a fan of the SSX series for a long time, as has my wife. I played SSX and SSX Tricky for the PS2, then watched as my wife played the new SSX for the XBox 360. SSX 3 was a game that I somehow managed to miss in the later years of the PlayStation 2.

So I picked it up and gave a go… and despite my old PS2 controller not working as well as I had hoped, the game itself was still pretty great!

This video is basically a straight playthrough of the half hour that I spent with the game. Its a short playthrough so I figured I may as well share my entire experience with you.

This is a feature designed to play games at random. Jeff has an obscene collection of video games, with a number of those games remaining untouched.

Once a week, Shayla will choose one of those games for Jeff to play at random. If Jeff likes it, he’ll keep on playing when he has the chance. If not, the game goes back on the shelf and that’s one less game left unplayed.


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