GameOn Interview – Missy Art and Cosplay – Calgary Expo 2015

Today, we’re joined by Missy Art and Cosplay, a cosplayer who will be attending this year’s Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.

This isn’t Missy’s first year attending fan conventions. In fact, she’s been invited as a cosplay guest to the upcoming Regina Fan Expo.

Missy talks about her experiences with cosplay, what she’s looking forward to at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and her experiences with cosplaying at Calgary Expo in past years.

Missy also talks about what you can expect from her at this year’s show. Get ready for costume previews!

For more about Missy Art and Cosplay, check out

All photos included in this video can be found on Missy’s Facebook page,

We’ve got more interviews coming from GameOnGNT in the lead-up to Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. You can also expect plenty of coverage on the event, coming on April 16th-19th.

For more info about Calgary Expo, check out

NOTE – Plenty of cosplay photographs were included in this video from various photographers that have worked with Missy Art and Cosplay. We will be including a list of those photographers in the description of this video later today.


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