GameOn Interview – Cosplayer Dara Defreitas – Calgary Expo Preview

In our latest preview for this year’s Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, we interview Cosplayer Dara Defreitas.

Dara will be attending the Calgary Expo, as she has in the past. As a cosplayer who frequents the show, we talk to Dara about her history with cosplay and her experiences with the show’s prop check policies. We also compare Calgary Expo’s stance on prop weapons to other conventions.

To see more of Dara Defreitas and her cosplay, follow the links in the banner for this episode. Thanks goes out to Dara for joining us on GameOn and we hope to cross paths at this year’s Calgary Expo!

The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo runs from Thursday, April 16th to Sunday, April 19th. Its the tenth anniversary year and tickets are almost entirely sold out! To learn more about the event, check out,


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