Thoughts of the Day – I’m Paying Money to Meet Optimus Prime

It finally happened.

I decided to open up my wallet to meet a celebrity. In four years of going to the Calgary Expo, I have never paid money to get an autograph, a celebrity picture, anything. My train of thought has always been if you have to pay to get an autograph from a celebrity, then its not genuine.

That being said, I’ve decided to give it a go this time around, because Peter Cullen is coming to Calgary Expo.

Peter Cullen Thoughts

Technically, I didn’t decide to do it myself. Steve from GameOnGNT had an idea to get over the hurdle of paying 175 dollars for a Meet and Greet with Peter Cullen. He figured if all of the team went in on the Meet and Greet, we could all pay 45 dollars to cover the cost of it, greatly reducing the cost of meeting Peter Cullen. Its not just getting a picture with Cullen though, this is a group idea to commemorate our time together through GameOn and celebrating the occasion of going to Calgary Expo for its tenth anniversary!

In the end, Steve, Blaze and myself decided we’re doing this insanity, each paying 60 bucks to get a picture with Cullen.

To me, if I’m going to buy a photo op with a celebrity, it makes sense that Peter Cullen is the one that we are doing this for. I grew up with the Transformers cartoon and always find myself gravitating back to Transformers, especially now that Michael Bay releases a movie in the franchise for every two years.

If I feel this is worth it, maybe I’ll do another photo op someday. If I don’t feel its worthless, then this is a one-time expense that will never happen again.

But what do you think? Are we insane? Or is there a celebrity you would spend money to take a picture with?

We’re off to Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo on Friday, April 17th. The event runs from Thursday, April 16th to Sunday April 19th. For more info, check out


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