GameOn Interview – Illustrator Mike Sass – Calgary Expo 2015

The features keep coming as we continue our look at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo!

Today, we talk to Mike Sass, a professional illustrator based out of Edmonton. You might know him for his work with Bioware, Magic: The Gathering, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and Pathfinder.

We talk to Mike about his work with Bioware and what it means to be an official artist for any franchise.

We also talk to Mike Sass about the differences between working on characters from an established universe like Star Wars and working on characters that have no set look to go by as a starting point.

We’ve done it! That wraps up our interviews with the many guests at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo!

Thank you for all of the support given to us by the staff and volunteers at the Calgary Expo and for all of the celebrity and creator guests who joined us on the show.

Next week, we turn our attention to YOU, the convention goer! We bringing back a regular feature on GameOn, Quick Questions with Kyle Born. Plus, you can expect some random adventures from GameOn Host Jeff Johnson along the way!


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