Bethesda Conference Live Blog – E3 2015

We’re watching the Bethesda Conference at this year’s E3 and we’ll be bringing you our thoughts on the festivities live.

Some of the titles expected to be mentioned are Fallout 4, Doom and Dishonored 4. We’ll have to wait and see what all is discussed and gone into depth about. (Spelling could be wrong, so bare with me!)

Without further adieu, let’s dive into the Bethesda conference, starting at 7 pm Pacific Time!

7 pm – Show hasn’t started yet…
7:05 pm – We are on! Let the conference begin!
7:08 pm – Pete Hines takes the stage after an awesome montage of clips.
7:10 pm – The first game being talked about is Doom!
7:11 pm – Built on the Id Tech 6 engine… Marty Stratton takes the stage to talk about Doom.
7:12 pm – Time to get this show on the road… killing demons with a shotgun in an awesome looking game!
7:13 pm – Climbing and close-up instakills. Sweet!
7:15 pm – The super shotgun is back!
7:16 pm – This game looks badass. Plasma rifle is back in action.
7:18 pm – How do you open a hand scan door? Rip off a dead guys arm, of course!
7:19 pm – CHAINSAW!!! Now that’s freaking amazing!
7:20 pm – The Revenant is back?? So freaking cool!
7:21 pm – Doom multiplayer is fast-paced arena based combat… Who freaking cares? Give me guns and demons, this isn’t about playing other people.
7:22 pm – Did I just see a power-up that makes you the Revenant?? Sign me up.
7:23 pm – Modding is being heavily promoted in this game. Every player will have the ability to build and instantly share mods of Doom gameplay. Its called Doom Snapmap.
7:24 pm – The customization of maps looks really cool! Really intuitive too.
7:25 pm – More single player campaign… This time we get to see Hell.
7:26 pm – Hell’s looking pretty damn good!
7:27 pm – I really like the ability to change weapons on the fly! Who are these big demons? BULL DEMONS?
7:28 pm – The big rocket launcher for hands guys are back!! Those guys were really cool!
7:30 pm – This game looks absolutely brutal and probably insanely difficult… Did I just see a big demon with a BFG for a hand? Hell yeah Cyber Demon!
7:31 pm – Talking about now… meh, not my thing.
7:32 pm – We’re on to Battlecry now, an online medieval battler, I guess.
7:34 pm – Guns fired and swords being used, I guess… scratch that whole medieval thing. Coming 2015 and playable at E3.
7:35 pm – Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio, From the team that brought you Dishonored, now on stage.
7:36 pm – What comes next from Arkane Studios… Dishonored 2??
7:37 pm – Female protagonist… Neat! Steampunk fans must be orgasming from all of this.
7:39 pm – Dishonored 2 is looking pretty awesome. Can’t say the first one caught my interests that much, but this looks really neat.
7:40 pm – So you can play as Corvo from the first game and the new female protagonist Emily. Available for PC, PS4 and XBox One.
7:41 pm – Dishonored Definitive Edition… PS4 and XBox One… So sick and tired of these damn re-releases.
7:42 pm – Tamriel Unlimited recently launched… Here’s more for that.
7:43 pm – Online play isn’t really my thing, but the visuals look pretty cool.
7:44 pm – Orsinium, Realm of the Orcs… Again, looks cool, but online play is not my thing.
7:44 pm – Strategy card series meets Elder Scrolls… oh god.
7:44 pm – Elder Scrolls Legends is about to take all your money like Hearthstone.
7:45 pm – Free to play game on PC and iPad… Lets see how Free to play this game actually is. Get ready to buy card packs.
7:46 pm – Just get to bloody FALLOUT 4!
7:47 pm – Here we go… what else can they tell us about Fallout 4?
7:48 pm – Todd Howard of Bethesda is on the stage.
7:49 pm – Best week of entertainment ever… E3… Damn straight.
7:50 pm – Started working on this one right after Fallout 3 was released. That explains Fallout: New Vegas.
7:51 pm – Taking us through some of the visuals of Fallout 4 for art design and concept. Some of these character models look really cool.
7:52 pm – This game is going to be absolutely huge.
7:52 pm – The world that existed before the bombs fell is where the game starts, with the threat of nuclear war looming. You create your character by selecting parts of the face and sculpting.
7:54 pm – You can play as male and female character. Then they generate a baby based on the couple you make.
7:55 pm – The main characters are voiced… Some people are going to be pissed. I think its pretty cool, kind of like the characters from Mass Effect.
7:56 pm – Your name can even be spoken, about a thousand of the most popular names have been recorded for that purpose.
7:57 pm – Your main character survives the nuclear blast and emerges as the sole survivor of Vault 111, 200 years later.
7:58 pm – Enormous dynamic environment. Go wherever you want, however you want. Graphics of the world look amazing.
7:59 pm – Your robot Codsworth survived. Oh boy…
8 pm – Giving the dog commands.. You can simply point at things in the environment and click. Its all contextual.
8:01 pm – VATS IS BACK! Just as good as always.
8:02 pm – Yup, I’m buying this!
8:03 pm – The invention of the very first Pipboy… neat!
8:04 pm – Red Menace… I think Nintendo’s gonna sue somebody.
8:04 pm – A Pipboy comes with the Collector’s Edition of the game. Yes, you can put your phone into it and yes, they’ve made an app for it.
8:05 pm – You can edit your stats on your wrist wearing your own Pipboy. AWESOME!
8:06 pm – For Smartphones and tablets, a new game is available for it.
8:07 pm – Fallout Shelter. You get to make your own vault and be the overseer watching over everything. Inspiration from XCom and SimCity. Each dweller has full stats and will level up.
8:08 pm – You can send your vault dwellers into the wastelands to find items and things you’ll need. You can also build rooms to train your vault dwellers. This game looks really neat!
8:09 pm – You can even breed your vault dwellers. Its a free game. You don’t need internet connection and there will be no pay walls. Its cool!
8:10 pm – Fallout Shelter is out on the App Store tonight! That’s wicked cool!
8:11 pm – Fallout 4 can re-build the world. You can rip apart the ruins and re-build homes as you please. Build new homes for you and your little dog too!
8:12 pm – As your settlement grows, new settlers and traders will arrive.
8:13 pm – You can build defences for your settlement to protect from raiders and keep your townspeople alive. Large sites that you are allowed to build. Building your town is completely optional, but really cool.
8:14 pm – You can also build items to use, based on the random junk you find. There are 50 base weapons and 700 modifications for those weapons.
8:15 pm – The weapons building system looks absolutely nuts. You can even modify your own power armor!
8:16 pm – Looking at combat now.
8:18 pm – That Deathclaw battle looks terrifying.
8:19 pm – There’s fucking jet packs and air battles now!!
8:20 pm – Fallout 4 – November 10th, 2015… That’s so soon!
8:21 pm – Bethesda just won E3. I want to go download Fallout Shelter now and wow, Fallout 4 looks absolutely phenomenal. I never thought we would see that much on the game.
8:22 pm – A set of Bethesda figures is going to everybody in the audience. That’s neat…. You should’ve just ended it with Fallout 4 though!


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