E3 Conference Live Blog – E3 2015

We’re watching the E3 Conference at this year’s E3 and we’ll be bringing you our thoughts on the festivities live.

Some of the titles expected to be mentioned are Mass Effect, Star Wars and Need For Speed. We’ll have to wait and see what all is discussed and gone into depth about. (Spelling could be wrong, so bare with me!)

Without further adieu, let’s dive into the E3 conference, starting at 1 pm Pacific Time!

1:01 pm Show starts with Mass Effect Andromeda. Looks pretty cool!
1:04 pm – dozen games to talk about.
1:05 pm – Star Wars Battlefront will be the grand finale.
1:06 pm – Need For Speed returns.
1:07 pm – Ventura Bay – World is twice the size of Rivals.
1:08 pm – More customization in Need For Speed.
1:09 pm – Star Wars The Old Republic is next… Oh and more Need For Speed
1:09 pm – Outlaw does the whole Hot Pursuit mode all over again.
1:10 pm – Coming November 10th. Looks cool, but what’s gameplay and what’s fmv?
1:14 pm – Star Wars The Old Republic
1:15 pm – Knights of the Fallen Empire comes out October.
1:17 pm – Cinematics look fantastic, but I’ve never been a big fan of the Old Republic.
1:18 pm – More betas and play tests of games coming from EA based studios.
1:19 pm – Introduced Unravel, about a thread man… meh.
1:21 pm – Do you think they will actually show us gameplay from this? Oh man, I am not interested in this at all. Then again, I couldn’t stand Kirby’s Epic Yarn or Yoshi’s Woolly World.
1:24 pm – Looks neat, but I don’t know how I feel about Unravel. It just seems OK.
1:25 pm – Oh dear god… Zombie superhero… What the heck was that.
1:26 pm – Plants Vs Zombie – Garden Warfare 2. All new world where the plants are on the attack. Six new crazy character classes.
1:27 pm – Live gameplay demo… this should be interesting. Where’s the botches!
1:29 pm – What happened to the old Plants vs Zombies… You know, the line defence style game? I miss that.
1:32 pm – Local split screen and solo play modes. I’m just not interested in Garden Warfare.
1:33 pm – Coming Spring 2016… Free DLC as the game continues.
1:34 pm – Now for the NHL! Sports games… yaaaaaayyyyyyy….
1:36 pm – NHL ’16. Lets see how they can improve it this time around compared to the downgrade that was NHL ’15.
1:37 pm – It looks like they are talking about all the sports franchises at the same time.
1:38 pm – Now we’re are on to the NBA.
1:39 pm – Gameface scanning app comes in play now. It puts your face into the game.
1:41 pm – Blah blah blah… sports game gibberish
1:45 pm – A Minions game? Neat!!
1:46 pm – Minions Paradise looks like it will be fun.
1:48 pm – Oh Phil…

It was at this point that the Minions wrecked the video. My computer stopped playing the stream and crashed. Here’s hoping there wasn’t anything else important from EA this year.

Oh yeah… Battlefront… Right…


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