An Update on GameOnGNT – Fall 2015

So you may be wondering what’s going on with GameOnGNT as of late.

To sum it up quick, new babies need a lot of attention, so a summer break was needed after Logan was born July 15th.

As you can tell, babies tend to cry a lot, which can make it really difficult to do any sort of recording for the time being. Last thing you want from us is gameplay videos with a little one screaming in the background.

That being said, summer is over now, so we’re doing some reorganizing of our social media and websites, then getting back to it!

We are looking at starting new content soon, finishing off a few projects on the go and doing some games we promised earlier this year. On a sidenote, aside from YouTube and Blogging, I’m also thinking of giving Periscope, Spreaker and Livestream a go. Again, we’ll see what happens with these and base doing them on what time allows for.

I’ve also noticed a lot of inactive accounts that I’ve been following on social media, especially Twitter. Twitter accounts are going to be cleaned out a bit before we get going again.

So what have I been up to over the past couple of months? Playing Dangan Ronpa 1 and 2 and helping to organize a gaming fundraiser. I’m really excited about Extra Life Game Day Cranbrook, which is shaping up really well for October 17th. If you’d like more info about it, check out

Anyway, I apologize for the slowdown in content. As I always say, life happens. Content will be returning to our YouTube channel and our blog soon enough. I’m looking forward to getting started again.

– JJ


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