Jeff’s Gaming Journal – Mario Kart Super Circuit

First off, I would just like to stress that this is not my gameplay with this game. I do not have the ability to record Game Boy Advance games at this time.

This video of Mario Kart Super Circuit was played by Stenio_Henrique for You can find the full video for this at the YouTube channel World of Longplays. The link is below!

That being said, the gameplay video here is far more skilled than what I could give you if I were to record myself playing.

Seriously, this is a challenging Mario Kart game, with the character models of Mario Kart 64 and what feels like the handling of the original Super Mario Kart.

Its a very tricky game to play, but if you like Mario Kart games and you have a Game Boy Advance, you should give it a shot!

That’s it for all the games from September’s Retro Game Treasure chest. In our next video, we’ll be opening up October’s Treasure Chest!

For more on Retro Game Treasure, check out


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