Jeff’s Gaming Journal – Super Dodgeball Advance – WHAT IS THIS EVEN? I DON’T KNOW

First off, the gameplay you are seeing in this video was not played by me. I do not have the ability to record gameplay footage from Game Boy Advance games at this time.

If you want to see this full video, be sure to check out the YouTube channel NintendoComplete,

As for Super Dodgeball Advance, this is a game that I received through my Retro Game Treasure Chest in October. What do I think of this game? I don’t even know!

Seriously, I do not understand how to play this game. Have you played it? Why don’t you tell what this game is about? Its like an RPG, but its a sports game and it isn’t making that much sense to me!

What’s your thoughts on Super Dodgeball Advance?


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