GameOn Unboxings – Retro Game Treasure Chest – November 2015

Get ready for a few Retro Game Treasure Chests coming your way!

We finally get to see what games came in our Retro Game Treasure Chest for November 2015.

Retro Game Treasure is a monthly subscription service, bringing you 3-5 retro games per month from systems like the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy and Nintendo 64.

You have a lot of control over what games you get through this service. You can list what games you already own, list what genres of games you like and specify what systems you would like to get games for.

This month, we had a special request… Make a collection of games for my daughter Paige! How would Retro Game Treasure cater to a three-year-old girl? Find out in today’s video!

For more info on Retro Game Treasure or to subscribe, visit


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