Jeff’s Gaming Journal – Crystal’s Pony Tale

Now here’s a game that I have never heard of before. At least I hadn’t heard of it until Retro Game Treasure came along and embedded itself into my life.

Crystal’s Pony Tale is a game that was a part of our November Retro Game Treasure Chest, a treasure chest dedicated to my three-year-old daughter Paige.

Paige is a big-time My Little Pony fan, so playing ANY game involving ponies makes for a very, happy three-year-old. She has actually asked quite a few times if we can play ‘The Pony Game,’ ever since we played this game, so it definitely does its job!

Honestly, as a game for kids, this game is worth it. What it does, it does well and its fun for kids, so that works!

Do you have a kids game that you really enjoyed growing up? Or is there a kids game that your kids love to play? Let us know!


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